My First Post

About me:
I enrolled in this course because I am interested in marketing and I'm trying to decide if I want to switch from accounting to marketing.

I really want to learn how to market myself so I can gain more followers online, and to make a job out of social media. I've always been interested in the lives of socialites and how they rise to their online notoriety. I want to learn how to find my online niche and how to appeal to that demographic

Outside of college I'm passionate in make up. I love doing other people's make up, and of course doing my own. I always love to try new products and see everything that's coming out on the market.

Marketing in the news
Youtube just launched a new TV service to replace cable. This article in the Chicago Tribune states that for $35 a month you can stream about 40 channels, and record them as you please. This markets to the demographic that never has had cable and likes to stream online. Youtube TV will be the first to offer sports networks like ESPN, which is one of the reasons a lot of people haven't moved past cable. Value propositions include ease of access, cheaper product, and an online DVR. You will be able to access Youtube TV on your phone, laptop, tablet, and TV with the use of chromecast. This service is cheaper than other competing cable companies and streaming platforms. It will also be one of the first streaming services to even offer a DVR . Overall, this TV service isn't necessarily trying to make cable companies go out of business, but instead cater to the younger demographic who don't have cable already, or who are always on the go and wanting ease of access.